When technology meets beauty, you get the ICONIC LED Light Shield.

Main features:
Wireless LED Mask
Lightweight at 0.06kgs
Rechargeable battery that last up to 2 hours on a full charge
Tri-light colour therapy:
Red: Anti-Ageing (620 – 750nm)
Blue: Acne Control (476 – 496nm)
Orange: Brightening (590 – 620nm)


The ICONIC LED Light Shield uses LED light therapy in controlled spectrums to target a plethora of skin concerns such as signs of aging, collagen production, acne, dull & uneven skin tones. The light stimulates a different response in the skin depending on the chosen colour. Pick the colour that's right for you and reap the benefits of the ICONIC LED Light Shield. Recommended usage of 20 minutes daily. 


Can also be worn as additional protection against the COVID-19 droplets.


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